What is the Street Value of Tramadol?


A person suffering from chronic muscular pain may consume Tramadol to attain relief from the pain. However, to get the pain-killer, a valid prescription is required as it belongs to the legitimate drug class. Despite this fact, few individuals buy medications without an authorized prescription, to save money, or due to their addictive nature. Also, the quality of the medication is not guaranteed if purchased from any vendor due to its counterfeit version.

People who do not have prescription get their medicine through street vendors, either for medicinal or non-medicinal use. Medications available on street may have a higher potential for poor-quality. The reason being:

  • Insufficient quality standards observed during the time of production.
  • Conscious fraud practice

Is it Appropriate to Buy Tramadol from Streets?

Most of the street vendors are not pharmacists. You may not get any assurance from the street vendors, regarding the quality and quantity of the medication. Although Tramadol is a potential pain-killer, it is also considered to be an abusive drug.

Its mechanism of action performs by blocking the pain signals traveling between the nerves and the peripheral nervous system. It does not show its performance on a physiological aspect, rather it works on a psychological level.

As compared to other opioids, Tramadol has a low abusive rate. But, if a person consumes this drug without proper guidance or for longer-duration it might lead to unwanted side-effects such as head pain, lack of concentration, dependency, or other fatal issues.

As the street option is portable, it has become much easier for the abusers to follow the street paths and get their desired fulfilled. Hence, the deviation of medicinal drugs to the streets is a sincere problem, and it is not an ethical way to abuse opioid drugs for non-medicinal purposes.

Street Price

The street value of drugs varies as per the drug class such as hydromorphone, buprenorphine, methadone, hydrocodone, Tramadol, etc. The cost of the street drugs acts as a helpful measure to compare the desired drug among users. Even quantity of drugs is also considered to define its street value.

The street price of the sedative medication differs among the confined range between 0.10 dollars – 2 dollars per pill. The price of fragile opioids is comparatively low as 0.25 dollars per pill, whereas the potential opioids price range is 0.75 dollars per pill. The street value of drugs fluctuates as per the pattern of the month and supply of the products.

Walmart vs Local Pharmacist

Walmart offers low-cost prices on prescription-based medication, which are affordable. All of the generic medicines are available for under 4 dollars. You can buy Tramadol in the US from Walmart at a reasonable price. It also promises to give preventive care on the various medications.  It also contains a broader range of offers on medicinal goods to give its consumers a convenient shopping experience. Walmart represents a one-stop shopping experience providing medicinal drugs, personal and beauty care products, and other grocery products under one roof.

On the other hand,

The local pharmacist is a small liberal pharmacist operating at a domestic level and not like Walmart, which has a bigger chain. They have staff, interacting and paying attention to individual customers. They do not offer as many potent discounts to their customers as Walmart does. They mainly offer pharmaceutical products giving restrictive shopping experiences to their customers.

Which kind of drugstore do you choose, Walmart or local…

Should you go for Single Blister or a 90 Day’s Supply?

The quantity of the drug purchase depends upon the individual’s condition and stability. Apart from this age factor, gender, past medical history, allergy count and other medication intakes are also equally responsible to decide the dose intake of every individual.

The standard dose should not be increased for more than three weeks, if a person happens to exceed the dose duration, it may lead to fatal side-effects. Therefore, the decision of medicinal purchase should be taken by the health-care service provider. Such wise and healthy decisions will help you to avoid any risk related to health.

Do you Get Tramadol with Insurance or Without Insurance on Streets?

Medical insurance allows the consumers to cover medications that are legitimate and cannot be given without a prescription. Many US residents have insurance for themselves and their families. But the other side of insurance is that there is no guarantee that the medication prescribed by your doctor, will be slotted under the insurance policy.

In the case of Tramadol, generic Ultram is categorized by insurance plans, only if you purchase from big pharmaceutical chains. However, street vendors do not give you insurance coverage for your medications.











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